Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adult Play Dates

Home with all the boys tonight. Tess is at a sleepover, so it is I with the Husband, two sons, male dog and male hamster we are sitting. I am sitting here writing a blog and reading other blogger’s posts while the boys are sleeping. Exciting night! Had a great time at a friend’s house this evening for after dinner drinks. Spent the day with Jonathan, so adult conversation was nice. And we didn’t talk about politics too much (which is an accomplishment in Wisconsin right now!).
The boys stayed home while we were gone. I just want to say that this new phase in our life is getting to be enjoyable. Our oldest is starting to be a responsible babysitter. He is actually concerned in the well being of the youngest. He has been babysitting for quite sometime now, but as of late he actually makes sure that the youngest is looked after.
So as parents, to be able to take off to friends for social time without worrying about a sitter, or entertaining your own children at someone else’s house or worrying if everything at home is ok is freeing. Is this a new stage, that parents get the play dates now that the children’s are over? I think I am beginning to like this phase! It is almost as uplifting as when our youngest kid wasn't using diapers anymore. Anticipating the next phase when I figure out what that is.

side note: I feel asleep writing it late last night and just posting it the following morning.