Monday, February 14, 2011

Brain Burp!

My perception was I was doing well in class, until I had a brain burp! For some reason I completely missed seeing this assignment! Bummer. Otherwise, I have put a conscious effort into more concise, less wordy writing. I still need to work on the too wordy and proofreading out loud. So far this class has taught me about the inverted pyramid, twitter, and my new joy: blogging.
The inverted pyramid style of writing is the most important lesson so far. It is writing by putting the most important information first and details after. Twitter is fun playing with “6 word novels”. But I think acronyms and hieroglyphs are common and I know squat about how to use them.
Blogging is my new found love. I will use it in my art business. A few artists I know use a blog as their website for their art as well as creating a fan base. The sites I have visited will post a blog message about where they feel they are at in their creative process and research. Some even include a visual image that they created that day. Others just list their CV, artist statement and a section for their visual creations. These blogs are ahead of where I am currently ready to go.
To be more successful in new media writing I feel I need more criticism or exercises in writing. Writing is not a strength of mine; my creative outlet is visual mediums. Although I am in the process of literary evolution, I just need more constructive steering. My creative ideas are large grandiose monsters and I have to reign myself into reality frequently. I was doing it again for this writing class. My website in my head is all created by me, but that would take too long with my skill level. So I reigned myself in again and am just going to use a template already out there for now.
As for suggestions for the class on creative fun ideas, I have none. My use of new media is to inform our departments’ students, friends and staff of art events in the area. So I search state, educational and email list serves for announcements. I do Google searches for everything else. My favorite resource for artist images is UW Madison’s art history site. I find great images for inspiration and discussions there. Other than that I am tapped.

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